Course Selection

Please view this video to learn more about course selections here at Lehigh Valley Academy. 


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Introduction to Course Selection
Career-related Programme
Diploma Programme
Choosing Between the Career-related and Diploma Programmes

Specific Course Information

Group Two:  Language Acquisition


Group Three:  Individuals and Societies


Group Four:  Sciences


Below you will find links to our sites on PLTW.

CP PLTW:  Biomedical Syllabus
CP PLTW:  Engineering Syllabus

Below, you will find the syllabi published by IB.  They have been modified to include only the syllabus information. 

DP Environmental System and Societies Syllabus
DP Nature of Science Syllabus
DP Physics, SL Syllabus
DP Physics, HL Syllabus
DP Sports, Exercise, and Health Science, SL Syllabus
DP Sports, Exercise, and Health Science, HL Syllabus

Group Five:  Mathematics

MYP/CP/DP Course Sequence
CP/DP Course Descriptions